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GVB Investigations specializes in process service, investigation services, private detective services, asset location services and background screening.

GVB Investigations is a full service private investigation company with over 16 years of experience. We offer a range of investigation and process services to attorneys, corporations, private citizens and businesses. We understand the importance of confidentiality and professionalism regarding the services we provide and value your needs as a client above all else. Our nationwide resource pool allows for fast, effective services without borders. GVB Investigations is a licensed private detective in the State of New Jersey.

Background checks, screening, nanny investigations

Know who you are inviting into your business or home. GVB Investigations uses state-of-the art resources to uncover hidden information that could be detrimental (or dangerous) to you.

we specialize in:

  • Background checks
  • Nanny checks
  • Childcare investigations
  • Employee investigations
  • Employee screening
  • Criminal record checks
Insurance fraud, Suveillance, Infidelity investigations

There are times when you can't just think something is going on- you need to know for sure. At GVB Investigations we will find proof and hard evidence you can rely on to take action and regain the upper hand. We will treat your case with the professionalism and discretion you deserve, and present you with only the facts.

we specialize in:

  • Private investigator services
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Insurance/fraud investigations
  • Civil investigations
  • Digital & cellphone forensics
  • Video/audio surveillance

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Process serving in New Jersey is our specialty

GVB Investigations specializes in process serving, including hard-to-serve and rush cases. An improperly served notice can destroy an otherwise iron-clad action; don't risk using a process service you will regret.

Plaintiff/Defendant investigations, undercover surveillance, criminal defense investigations

When entering a court proceeding it is essential that you are armed with evidence that will hold up. At GVB Investigations we have a background within the justice system that is put to use in every case, ensuring you an edge in the courtroom. Better evidence means better results, period.

we specialize in:

  • Plaintiff support
  • Defense support
  • fraud investigations
  • Corporate investigation
  • Witness locates
  • Business investigation
Asset location, people searches, find people and hidden assets

At GVB Investigations we are experts at finding things people don't want found. We can locate financial or material interests, hidden records or even people in hiding.

we specialize in:

  • Witness locating
  • Finding people
  • Hidden asset discovery
  • Hidden account discovery
  • Computer & digital forensics
  • Asset searches



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